Ciggies and Smoke


Hello everyone, from Luton! I'm sorry I had no chance to update, I've just found the time to even sit down! In the land of the beloved cigarettes, it seems as though the coveted fad are leggings, I know, it was shoking to me too! Everywhere I turn, I see leggings: leggings and shorts, leggings and dresses, and my personal fave, leggings and cardigans. It's great thqt I brought my pair, but I'm sure I would look bomb without it also :)
I'm sorry, but no pictures today, this was only a quick update. I'll show you all of my gorge artwork of pics later on!

I'm so happy my jetlag has passed, now I can really enjoy my fish & chips...er- chicken & chips I should say. I absolutely hate fish, haha. Alright, time for me to go!

Pip pip cheerio!

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Luton Ladies


I don't think I told any of you guys this, but today I am going to London! Well, Luton which is a town right next to London. Right now it's about 12:21 in Maryland, and I'm heading to the airport at six, plane is leaving at nine! It's going to be a long time, I know. I really hope I can update the blog there, I'm supposed to be helping my aunt because she's having another baby! I can't wait, and if there's an available computer, then I can still do my fashion/gossip updates. But, if I can't I will certainly get you guys updated after the 20th, when I get back. Well, I've got to finish packing!

Love you all,

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Back and badder than ever


Warning: This may be my longest post, ever. But there won't be a boring moment!
I have decided to do another feature, one of the many I hope, on polyvore.com again! Yaaay, so (drumroll please) let's start the show!

With the help of my friend on polyvore, Elliott (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=877851), I was able to pick some of the best sets, I've ever seen. Of course, her friends, and friends of her friends. (Which she has a lot of for just joining two weeks ago) Their sets are awesome, and I of course had to feature some of hers! I tried to pick different types, and unique types. It was obviously hard to limit them down. Let the "sets" do the talking!

7/17TatTat::Oh, Honey
7/17TatTat::Oh, Honey by Eℓℓiott. featuring Vans shoes

7/17MP::Hello? by Eℓℓiott. featuring Calypso

Andi: Girls Day Out (GMF)
Andi: Girls Day Out (GMF) by You Call Me Quiet But I'm A Riot on Polyvore.com

What makes it fabulous?
What makes it fabulous? by ✮BANG BANG, Here I Go Again✮ featuring Miss Selfridge bracelets

Mani Pedis at Mirandas [GMF]
Mani Pedis at Mirandas [GMF] by ✮BANG BANG, Here I Go Again✮ on Polyvore.com

New Auditon for Mercedes De la Rosa [TA]
New Auditon for Mercedes De la Rosa [TA] by ✮BANG BANG, Here I Go Again✮ featuring Chanel clutches

MP - Matisse Palais, Here I Come!
MP - Matisse Palais, Here I Come! by c'est miriam♥ featuring Juicy Couture accessories

teenagers scare the living shit outta me - MP
teenagers scare the living shit outta me - MP by Shake Your Hips and Do The Twist on Polyvore.com

"I get very nervous when I think someone is falling in love with me. Every time I have a "romance" I'm so nervous I bring the whole office with me. That's usually about five or six people. They all come to pick me up and then we go to pick her up. Love me
"I get very nervous when I think someone is falling in love with me. Every time I have a "romance" I'm so nervous I bring the whole office with me. That's usually about five or six people. They all come to pick me up and then we go to pick her up. Love me by The Fashion Freak featuring Yves Saint Laurent bags

You broke my heart, but as the French say, "C'est la vie".
You broke my heart, but as the French say, "C'est la vie". by ℓiσn.&.the.ℓαмb ♥ [c'est la vie] on Polyvore.com

&& You Don't Know Me ♥;
&& You Don't Know Me ♥; by ℓiσn.&.the.ℓαмb ♥ [c'est la vie] on Polyvore.com

LAT - Think I'm really fallin' for his smile.
LAT - Think I'm really fallin' for his smile. by karaelizabeth♥ featuring Vanessa Bruno tops

You and only you
You and only you by Eℓℓiott. on Polyvore.com

MPMeet Chloe Simmons
MPMeet Chloe Simmons by Eℓℓiott. featuring Valentino bags

7/16T3F::Do not accept any less
7/16T3F::Do not accept any less by Eℓℓiott. featuring Anthropologie

7/11T3F::Dirty Rich
7/11T3F::Dirty Rich by Eℓℓiott. featuring Antik Batik

Four; The night's away
Four; The night's away by Eℓℓiott. featuring Vanessa Bruno tops

Tryout [HBFO]
Tryout [HBFO] by arkasha featuring Miss Selfridge

Lunch with Yvette (BAI)
Lunch with Yvette (BAI) by ♥sunkssedcaligrl♥™ featuring Splendid

Hepburn Boarding School tryout
Hepburn Boarding School tryout by ♥sunkssedcaligrl♥™ featuring Marc Jacobs bags

Well Hello Sister (BAI)
Well Hello Sister (BAI) by ♥sunkssedcaligrl♥™ featuring James Perse

And of course some of my recent sets.
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Reach for the Gold


So, I have more reports from Chic! I haven't been giving out the most credit to the places I've been getting my reports from. But, I promise I will now ;)

Fashion Week Daily - Chic Report: "A gold lamé shorts suit sounds like something that should strike fear in the hearts of even the bravest chicettes–but somehow, between the genius Phillip Lim and the adorable Rachel Bilson, the actress pulls it off with aplomb. Share your secret with Chic, s’il vous plait!"
I'm sure we'd all love for her to spill.

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Fellow Stoners,

You girls and your minds! No, I do not mean the illegal substance, I mean the ab-fab role model for gap-toothed ladies [like myself] and gorgeous model Lara Stone. Newest in "Chic Report" from Fashion Week Daily.

"Chic has been hopelessly obsessed with Lara Stone for the last three seasons, and we're pleased to see her off-runway and on the cover of a major fashion book. Stone's latest appearance in the August W is stunning in more ways than one. Despite the fact that this Dutch beauty has already graced many covers--most memorably the February issue of French Vogue, which was essentially devoted to her--it's rare that a model earns this honor in the States, where celebs are usually tapped to movie issues on the newsstand. But it's clear that Stone is her own special sales force--she's currently appearing in ads for SDquared2."

Sounds like you're living a good life Lara, keep it Stoned!

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Fashion lovers,

Hey girlies, or guy-lies? Today is Sunday, so you know that means "Scrap Sunday", a new feature I just started last week. It's when I showcase my wonderful Church & Stay at home outfits. Today, I wasn't feeling as extravagant as I usually do. I have no clue why...so the showcase isn't as long as last week. What do you think of it?

Have you noticied yet that I am not a heels person?
Well, if you have you are very observant.
I don't know why I just can't bring myself to where 'em.
Maybe it's because I'm already model tall, & my legs are long enough.
Hmmm, well all I know is that my ballet flats look gross in this pic.
Time for a shopping trip!

I have to admit, this is not one of my best outfits.

I feel really lazy today, but I had to do "Scrap Sunday".

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The face of Dior


It's official, Jessica Stam has been named the official face of Dior since yesterday. Maybe it's because of her naturally young looking beauty, or any other reasons...? The jury is still out on that decision.

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Preggo Preformances?

Small bellies,

Or at least I hope so! I'm thinking the new thing this season is preforming pregnant. I remember at last years BET awards that one lady [MIA?] preformed with rappers T.I., Jay-Z, and Kanye West when she was only like a month away from popping the seed! She obiously really wanted to preform! So, here's another gal, devoted to her work, check it out:

"Jennifer Hudson showed off her growing baby bump as she preformed onstage during Micheal Jackson's memorial service yesterday.

The mom-to-be delivered a powerful preformance of Jackson's 1993 hit, "Will you Be There," alongside with a choir at the Los Angeles event.

The Grammy-winning singer and Oscar-winning actress, who is about eight months along in her first pregnancy, is engaged to former reality TV star David Otunga.

Hudson, 27, who became engaged to aspiring pro-wrestler in September, has remained mum about her upcoming wedding."

Aww, can't wait for the wedding!

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I've finally come out

Not out the closet you freaky gals(:

No, I'm totally straight. I've finally come out and will burst my flavour to the world! I'm going to start calling this "Scrap Sunday," I'll post photogs of my wonderful sunday outfits! Including church &nd stay at home. I know that you're thinking already, "Oh good God, 'Sunday Outfits'? What does that include, long skirts and a conservative hat?" Actually no, you'd be surprised what I wear to church, but sadly I can't explain. I'll let the pics do all of that for you!

fab right? haha, I bet you can't wait for me to model it!

must haves:

silly mee!

Now, for my stay at home:

So, whadya think? COMMENT(:
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Megan Not

Gossip Girls,

Hate Megan Fox for stealing the heart of our Shiah? Then you are going to love this:

"Megan Fox's hotness may have most of the nation's male population frothing at the mouth, but her former director Michael Bay rolls his eyes at the budding actress.

Fox blasted the "Transformers" director for relying on special effects rather than acting in the two “Transformers” films in an interview with "Entertainment Weekly." But Bay is unimpressed.

"She says some very ridiculous things because she's 23 years old, and she still has a lot of growing up to do," the 44-year-old Bay told the Wall Street Journal. "You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, 'Okay Megan, you can do whatever you want.'

"But is Fox biting the hand that feeds her? In addition to “Transformers” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” Bay’s directing credits include “Armageddon,” “Pearl Harbor” and “The Rock.”

"Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in 'Transformers,'" said Bay, citing Nicolas Cage, Will Smith and Ben Affleck as other actors who have shot to stardom after starring in his films. "I like to think that I've had some luck in building actors' careers with my films."

Even I have to admit, that was a little harsh, but everyone deserves a little constructive critizism. Besides, rumour is she's a total b-.

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New Craze

All designers,

Attenion people! There's a new internet craze going around. Heard of polyvore.com? Well, if you haven't you should really go check it out. You get to express so many emotions on there, and I think it's really cool. It's kind of like a collage site, you put so many types of clothings, accessories, shoes, etc. together then viola! You have a "set". Check it out, and check out my account (click on header).

bad woman

and last but not least, my first one!

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Au Paris?

Recently Reported by FWD:

"The trend du moment is for designers to flock to London Fashion Week for its 25th anniversary, but at least one big name is making a move from his home base elsewhere: Daily obsession Christian Audigier. The mogul behind Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and his eponymous line (not to mention myriad spinoffs, from Ed Hardy swimwear and shoes to a recently-launched line of Ed Hardy Champagne and wines, available at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges) told Vogue UK that he would be showing during Paris Fashion Week in October. The designer, who has presented his over-the-top collections in Los Angeles for many seasons (as well as showing his swim collections during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami), is making quite a jump from the West Coast to the French fashion epicenter, but in true Ed Hardy style, it won't be an understated affair. Audigier promises a "big celebrity" who will perform at his Parisian show; though he wouldn't reveal whom, he hinted: 'You know all the names; you can guess.' Dare we hope for Madonna?"

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Wedding Bells

Jonas Fans,

Oh sweet hearts, I am with you. Who can resist those three wonderful guys who aren't afraid to show off their shapley legs in tight jeans? Whose voices ring in our ears, and on our phones. And let's not get started on their faces, their gorgeous gorgeous faces. This news may be a disappointment to many, but we've lost a prize. Kevin Jonas has just proposed to his long term girlfriend Danielle Deleasa and, of course, she accepted! Sorry to all of those who've had their sites set of the oldest. I hope this doesn't mean more competition for Joe, cause he's mine! (forget Camilla)

I hope I speak for all of us when we wish Kev and Dani good luck on their marriage. The wedding date isn't set yet, but when the details arrive I will be the one to spill. Can't you hear the wedding bells already? For Joe and I's wedding of course ;)

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The End


So, I've had a couple of posts now and I'm sure you've seen some of my persona burst from my words (see?). But, I don't feel like I've introduced you guys to my personal life yet! This is a personal video I made myself, and I want you guys to see me (&nd my gorgeous friends) in our fabulous habitat. Now, be warned the poses aren't as perfected as most "people" on this enitre site, but that will all change this summer. I can't wait to invite my friends (via facebook, duh!) to this blog so they can see the vid. &nd explore my kingdom(:

Note: There are no names shared, to ensure safety of course, but it' adds to the fun of guessing! *Don't forget to put the volume up!*

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Sniff Sniff

Jacko Fans,
Looking for some juicy gossip today, and I (of course) stopped by Perez, and found this article I thought MikoJ fans would want to see.

"Sources are now claiming that a severe and dangerous drug used for surgical anesthesia was found at the residence of Michael Jackson. Those same sources suggest that it may have very well been this drug that resulted in the pop legend's demise.
The substance, Propofol, is used to place patients under anesthesia when preparing for surgery. Administered through an IV, the drug is commonly used coincidingly with Lidocaine, as Propofol alone causes extreme pain and burning. One report stated that Lidocaine was found near Jackson's body. Commonly, a major side-effect of Propofol is cardiac arrest if it's taken in combination with narcotic painkillers, which have also been connected to Jackson.
Reports have suggested that Jackson had once begged a nurse for a brand name version of Propofol, claiming he needed it for insomnia, but she declined to supply it. In fact, it would have been damn near impossible for Jackson to get his hands on this drug without a medical advisor. As one source said, "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use."

Of course, this then points fingers back to to Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray . Sources suggest that because of the drug is so dangerous and inappropriate for home administration, if a physician gave it to Jackson and it resulted in his death, he or she could be prosecuted for manslaughter.
What a mess!"

Well, don't we all love Perez and his amazing gossiping skills!

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Black Magic

Russian Vogue's newest shoot entitled Black Magic stars Meghan Collison and Karolin Wolter working their dark beauty for the lens of Miguel Reveriego. So, what do you think? Magic, or Tragic?

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Brooklyn Retail

You won't believe,

It's just now hit the fan that Brooklyn boutique and studio 5 in 1 is looking to return to the heart of retail. "Founded as a design collective in 2006 by Norman Rabinovich, 5 in 1 has just relaunched its Williamsburg storefront with a new number in mind: eight. To give customers even more access to the designers and their creations, eight designers will work, one weekend at a time, at the shop (which is only open Friday-Sunday), where they will manage as they please--featuring their own product, meeting with customers, holding trunk shows or sample sales, or testing new ideas.

Helena Fredriksson of H. Fredriksson, Caroline Priebe of ULURU, Mary Meyer, Rebecka Fröberg, Costalots by Matthew Costa, Covet, ROUND Design, and jewelry line Dirty Librarian Chains are the participants whose wares will stock the store simultaneously (along with other pieces by designers whose pieces will be on consignment, such as Bliss Lau and A Peace Treaty). Customers will be able to look through the storefront and directly into the studio space. And with women's and men's clothing, fine and costume jewelry, vintage, bags, scarves, hats, records (and anything else that strikes the fancy of the designers!), 5 in 1 aims to offer exactly what one wants."

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