I've finally come out

Not out the closet you freaky gals(:

No, I'm totally straight. I've finally come out and will burst my flavour to the world! I'm going to start calling this "Scrap Sunday," I'll post photogs of my wonderful sunday outfits! Including church &nd stay at home. I know that you're thinking already, "Oh good God, 'Sunday Outfits'? What does that include, long skirts and a conservative hat?" Actually no, you'd be surprised what I wear to church, but sadly I can't explain. I'll let the pics do all of that for you!

fab right? haha, I bet you can't wait for me to model it!

must haves:

silly mee!

Now, for my stay at home:

So, whadya think? COMMENT(:
Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am

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