ten receipts

goodbye for now,

These are my last hours in Luton, helping my aunt. It was so much fun while it lasted. I went to town and Primark for the last time yesterday, and watched G.I. Joe: Rise of the cobra. That movie left me speechless, I cannot wait for the sequel! It's about 12:30 p.m. here, so that means I'm leaving in half an hour to the airport. I can't make my fashion post I planned to make, so I'll try to make it once I get back to the States.

True facts:
- I ended up with eight Primark bags in the end
- I have ten Primark receipts

Baha, I thought it was funny how many times I really did go to Primark.

from the ramblings of a teenage vogue-er,
and the stylings of an undefined designer.


six days, five bags


Hello world! Onlysix more days in the beloved Luton, it's really a sad thing. I'm so accustomed to everything, especially the time zone :) But school starts in eighteen days, and I've already got five Primark bags! I found some other great stores, Topshop, Blue Star, Accessorize, but Primark has to be the best. Baha, so I've finally got our fashion editions for today, curtesy of fashionweekdaily.com . I saw so many posts that I loved, I had to have all of them :D

© Patrick McMullan

Kanye West has long been outspoken about his plan to break into the fashion business. This summer, rumors have abounded that the musician was working as a lowly intern at the Gap. “He’s not my intern!” laughed Gap designer Patrick Robinson this morning, as he launched his 1969 Premium Jeans Collection. “He’s a friend of mine, and he just likes to see what we do. I tell him, if he wants people to take him seriously in fashion, they have to see blood first! They have to see the blood and the sweat, to see that he really wants it–but he definitely has the capability.” Chic Report had to know: does Robinson really think West might one day make the switch from singing to sewing? “I keep telling him he should stick to music,” he said. “I’d do it! I’d sell out Madison Square Garden!”

© Getty Images

Hollywood’s finest came out for the annual Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s installation luncheon held at the Beverly Hills Hotel to basically butter up journalists from Australia and Russia for the winter (January’s Golden Globes are approaching, after all!). Evan Rachel Wood stood out in her breezy Gucci dress.

Our favorite September cover so far? None other than the one found on Seventeen’s subscription copies. The magazine is turning 65 this month, and to appropriately toast, editor Ann Shoket and publisher Jayne Jamison trotted out an archival cover wrap from the September 1944 issue. (The coverline? “Young fashions & beauty, movies & music, ideas & people.”) There may be a lesson here…

Other than, say, Robert Pattinson, the Chic Report award for most meticulously documented summer is looking like it’s going to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Photo op in Portofino with Eva Mendes, check. Party with Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell in Capri, check. Now, pictures are popping up (figure 1, 2) of the D&G duo frolicking in Italy’s Aeolian Islands with Giovanna Battaglia and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld. All this is making Chic wonder: could there be a pap on the Dolce & Gabbana payroll?

Special thanks to Patrick McMullen and Getty images, for your wonderful photography :) Alright, I've got to go to town soon, bye!

from the ramblings of a teenage vogue-er,
and the stylings of an undefined designer.


knickers and football

fellow americans,

For those of you who pay close attention you'll realize that a few things are changing around here. Maybe the brits are changing me, but I've found the need to change stuff bit by bit. Like, the font for example. Veranda was getting annoying :)

On to the main event, I've finally stopped being lazy and uploaded and edited my pictures. I mean, a good designer doesn't procrastinate right? And I want to be the best designer possible, so let's get to work :)

Here's the "Scarp Sunday" from last week. I limited all the photos down to these two, and my ELLE top! What do you think?

This weeks Scrap, a white ruffle top, four-buttoned pencilskirt, black scarf for a bow around the collar, and finally I got a new bag! It's gorgeous I know ;) The only problem I have with this scrap is the middle picture, it was a model-esque pose meant to show off my sandals, but it got cut off!

My personal favorite. It's a plain outfit really, but I still love it. Forget the name of the brown jacket (With a paper clip to hold it the way I like it!) denim jumper, and my nameless (is it Atmosphere? Hmm, I dunno!) black bag.

Eh, I know this post was kinda dry. Gossip and fashion updates as soon as I can, promise!

from the ramblings of a teenage vogue-er,

and the stylings of an undefined designer.


berries and cream


Hey guys. Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been so busy doing things for my aunt that I really had no time to update. Which in turns means that I missed SS again, I took the pics but sadly don't have any time to upload anytime soon. Maybe later. But, today I did want to do something new, I'll call it "New life, another bag", where you get an inside peek into my bag (the ONLY one I brought with me here). Here's NLAB #1:

First, Secret Platnium deodarant, vasline, chapstick, Cheetah print raybans, yellow and green raybans, "Back in Black an A-list novel by Zoey Dean", LG Shine (my Aunt's, I'm using it while I'm here), Samsung MP3 player, Starburst Fruit Chews (UK version), a pen,and my plain brown bag (which used to be a hand bang until I took off the hand part and replaced it with what's supposed to be a belt/bow thingy for one of my skirts).

Now for some exciting news, a while back (as in the 28th of July) I got the August copy of Elle. Now, if you've gotten the edition you know it's amazing and you also know what it comes with:
Ah, I know! The UK version of Elle came with an exclusive Paul & Joe summer vest in one of four colours, I was lucky enough to get the gray/light blue. I wore it this Sunday to church, but like I said I can't upload the pictures today.

And more today, I finally went shopping! At Primark none the less, the place is amazing. It's stocked with wonderful buys, and I cannot wait to go back. Now, what exactly did I buy? Atmosphere leggings (jean colored), Denim Co. acid wash shorts, a sand colored Atmosphere cardigan, gray Atmosphere slip ons and six pairs of sheer knee high tights! All for under £20, it was beautiful.

Well girls, and maybe the occasional guy I've got to go now, What I like about you's on!

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am