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It's just now hit the fan that Brooklyn boutique and studio 5 in 1 is looking to return to the heart of retail. "Founded as a design collective in 2006 by Norman Rabinovich, 5 in 1 has just relaunched its Williamsburg storefront with a new number in mind: eight. To give customers even more access to the designers and their creations, eight designers will work, one weekend at a time, at the shop (which is only open Friday-Sunday), where they will manage as they please--featuring their own product, meeting with customers, holding trunk shows or sample sales, or testing new ideas.

Helena Fredriksson of H. Fredriksson, Caroline Priebe of ULURU, Mary Meyer, Rebecka Fröberg, Costalots by Matthew Costa, Covet, ROUND Design, and jewelry line Dirty Librarian Chains are the participants whose wares will stock the store simultaneously (along with other pieces by designers whose pieces will be on consignment, such as Bliss Lau and A Peace Treaty). Customers will be able to look through the storefront and directly into the studio space. And with women's and men's clothing, fine and costume jewelry, vintage, bags, scarves, hats, records (and anything else that strikes the fancy of the designers!), 5 in 1 aims to offer exactly what one wants."

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