Forever&ndAlways 21

Ladies, tell me we all don't look at models and wish,and pray, to have exactly what those models have on. Who cares about their high cheekbones, long legs, perfected skin, and gorgeous hair? They were meant to show off their threads, &nd that's exactly what we keep staring at right, and not their newly released MACed lips?

God, when I saw this I instantly fell in love all over again. This is just enough of "edgey glam rocket" for me. The heart tank is sweet, the shorts are typically dark-washed to perfection, then the jean jacket peices the whole outfit together. &nd let's not even talk about those glasses, they're classy enough for her to pass as my next fashion professor!

This is a total "school girl rock" look, the accessorie that pops out the most though is the headband wrapped around the models' head. It's bright, and mostdef. peieces the outfit together making it all look carefree, a look that all girls try to master.

As soon as I see this outfit I think of "summer lovin", &nd I'm not talking about Grease here. Isn't that what summer camp is about anyway? Sneaking out to your crushes room, stolen kisses on the rooftop of that arts & crafts building? It's perfect for a light breezed day, sitting in the middle of the grass during the outdoors course strumming the first notes to your summer love song.

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am

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