Ciggies and Smoke


Hello everyone, from Luton! I'm sorry I had no chance to update, I've just found the time to even sit down! In the land of the beloved cigarettes, it seems as though the coveted fad are leggings, I know, it was shoking to me too! Everywhere I turn, I see leggings: leggings and shorts, leggings and dresses, and my personal fave, leggings and cardigans. It's great thqt I brought my pair, but I'm sure I would look bomb without it also :)
I'm sorry, but no pictures today, this was only a quick update. I'll show you all of my gorge artwork of pics later on!

I'm so happy my jetlag has passed, now I can really enjoy my fish & chips...er- chicken & chips I should say. I absolutely hate fish, haha. Alright, time for me to go!

Pip pip cheerio!

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am


  1. yea, I'm from Poland in eastern Europe :)

  2. have fun in Luton! I just got back from London and had the best time, definitely got my fill of fish and chips haha xx


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