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Hey guys. Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been so busy doing things for my aunt that I really had no time to update. Which in turns means that I missed SS again, I took the pics but sadly don't have any time to upload anytime soon. Maybe later. But, today I did want to do something new, I'll call it "New life, another bag", where you get an inside peek into my bag (the ONLY one I brought with me here). Here's NLAB #1:

First, Secret Platnium deodarant, vasline, chapstick, Cheetah print raybans, yellow and green raybans, "Back in Black an A-list novel by Zoey Dean", LG Shine (my Aunt's, I'm using it while I'm here), Samsung MP3 player, Starburst Fruit Chews (UK version), a pen,and my plain brown bag (which used to be a hand bang until I took off the hand part and replaced it with what's supposed to be a belt/bow thingy for one of my skirts).

Now for some exciting news, a while back (as in the 28th of July) I got the August copy of Elle. Now, if you've gotten the edition you know it's amazing and you also know what it comes with:
Ah, I know! The UK version of Elle came with an exclusive Paul & Joe summer vest in one of four colours, I was lucky enough to get the gray/light blue. I wore it this Sunday to church, but like I said I can't upload the pictures today.

And more today, I finally went shopping! At Primark none the less, the place is amazing. It's stocked with wonderful buys, and I cannot wait to go back. Now, what exactly did I buy? Atmosphere leggings (jean colored), Denim Co. acid wash shorts, a sand colored Atmosphere cardigan, gray Atmosphere slip ons and six pairs of sheer knee high tights! All for under £20, it was beautiful.

Well girls, and maybe the occasional guy I've got to go now, What I like about you's on!

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am

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