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Jacko Fans,
Looking for some juicy gossip today, and I (of course) stopped by Perez, and found this article I thought MikoJ fans would want to see.

"Sources are now claiming that a severe and dangerous drug used for surgical anesthesia was found at the residence of Michael Jackson. Those same sources suggest that it may have very well been this drug that resulted in the pop legend's demise.
The substance, Propofol, is used to place patients under anesthesia when preparing for surgery. Administered through an IV, the drug is commonly used coincidingly with Lidocaine, as Propofol alone causes extreme pain and burning. One report stated that Lidocaine was found near Jackson's body. Commonly, a major side-effect of Propofol is cardiac arrest if it's taken in combination with narcotic painkillers, which have also been connected to Jackson.
Reports have suggested that Jackson had once begged a nurse for a brand name version of Propofol, claiming he needed it for insomnia, but she declined to supply it. In fact, it would have been damn near impossible for Jackson to get his hands on this drug without a medical advisor. As one source said, "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use."

Of course, this then points fingers back to to Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray . Sources suggest that because of the drug is so dangerous and inappropriate for home administration, if a physician gave it to Jackson and it resulted in his death, he or she could be prosecuted for manslaughter.
What a mess!"

Well, don't we all love Perez and his amazing gossiping skills!

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the one &nd only,
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