Fellow Stoners,

You girls and your minds! No, I do not mean the illegal substance, I mean the ab-fab role model for gap-toothed ladies [like myself] and gorgeous model Lara Stone. Newest in "Chic Report" from Fashion Week Daily.

"Chic has been hopelessly obsessed with Lara Stone for the last three seasons, and we're pleased to see her off-runway and on the cover of a major fashion book. Stone's latest appearance in the August W is stunning in more ways than one. Despite the fact that this Dutch beauty has already graced many covers--most memorably the February issue of French Vogue, which was essentially devoted to her--it's rare that a model earns this honor in the States, where celebs are usually tapped to movie issues on the newsstand. But it's clear that Stone is her own special sales force--she's currently appearing in ads for SDquared2."

Sounds like you're living a good life Lara, keep it Stoned!

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am

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  1. awh, love Lara!

    + I use Photoshop Elements 5.0 to create my collages, cheap yet it works wonders! A feature sounds great :)


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