Wedding Bells

Jonas Fans,

Oh sweet hearts, I am with you. Who can resist those three wonderful guys who aren't afraid to show off their shapley legs in tight jeans? Whose voices ring in our ears, and on our phones. And let's not get started on their faces, their gorgeous gorgeous faces. This news may be a disappointment to many, but we've lost a prize. Kevin Jonas has just proposed to his long term girlfriend Danielle Deleasa and, of course, she accepted! Sorry to all of those who've had their sites set of the oldest. I hope this doesn't mean more competition for Joe, cause he's mine! (forget Camilla)

I hope I speak for all of us when we wish Kev and Dani good luck on their marriage. The wedding date isn't set yet, but when the details arrive I will be the one to spill. Can't you hear the wedding bells already? For Joe and I's wedding of course ;)

Everything is more than a picture.
the one &nd only,
D. Am

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