knickers and football

fellow americans,

For those of you who pay close attention you'll realize that a few things are changing around here. Maybe the brits are changing me, but I've found the need to change stuff bit by bit. Like, the font for example. Veranda was getting annoying :)

On to the main event, I've finally stopped being lazy and uploaded and edited my pictures. I mean, a good designer doesn't procrastinate right? And I want to be the best designer possible, so let's get to work :)

Here's the "Scarp Sunday" from last week. I limited all the photos down to these two, and my ELLE top! What do you think?

This weeks Scrap, a white ruffle top, four-buttoned pencilskirt, black scarf for a bow around the collar, and finally I got a new bag! It's gorgeous I know ;) The only problem I have with this scrap is the middle picture, it was a model-esque pose meant to show off my sandals, but it got cut off!

My personal favorite. It's a plain outfit really, but I still love it. Forget the name of the brown jacket (With a paper clip to hold it the way I like it!) denim jumper, and my nameless (is it Atmosphere? Hmm, I dunno!) black bag.

Eh, I know this post was kinda dry. Gossip and fashion updates as soon as I can, promise!

from the ramblings of a teenage vogue-er,

and the stylings of an undefined designer.

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